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The Countywide Community Forums (of King County)

A Citizen Counselor Network (CCN) was created to enhance citizen participation, civic engagement, and citizenship education in King County through a network of periodic public forums where people gather in small groups throughout the county to discuss current issues and provide important feedback to county government and other public officials. A final evaluation report can be downloaded from this link.

Community Forums Network

The Community Forums Network (CFN) was the successor site to the previous (CCN) site above. It extended the earlier model to a statewide scale and engaged citizens across the state on the topics of Youth Unemployment, Education, and Healthcare.

National Dialogue Network

The National Dialogue Network (NDN) extended the previous models (CCN and CFN) to the national scale. It received one of two 2012 Catalyst Awards from the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (www.ncdd.org/10940) and its inaugural topic in 2013 was on the issue of Poverty and Wealth in America.


This is a blog about all aspects of ionizing radiation including chemistry, health, environment, energy, weapons, and waste disposal.

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